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All Marketing Consulting Services start with a 30-minute consultation done via phone or Skype, which you can schedule through our online scheduling tool. We will use this time to discuss your business and marketing goals. TSQUARED CONSULTING’S philosophy is to listen to you so be prepared to talk. What you have to say is much more important than what we do, at least at this stage in the marketing project. Before we can even start to think about making recommendations, we need to hear from you what is causing you pain and giving you nightmares.


During this consultation we will determine what services you need. 


Once you schedule your appointment you will receive a PayPal invoice for the consultation fee of $50. The invoice must be paid prior to the call or it will be canceled. The $50 payment will be applied to your balance should you decide to move forward. 



TSQUARED CONSULTING’S project proposal gives you the chance to make sure that we on the same page as you and lets you see our recommendations and project quotation. Marketing tools are not one-size fits all. Just because you think social media is cool, does not necessarily mean it’s right for your business. This is where we lend you our expertise and make suggestions that will fit your marketing and business goals.


Upon approval, we get going on your project and set up timelines and deliverables. We will then send you our standard contract requiring your signature along with a PayPal invoice for your deposit.



TSQUARED CONSULTING will have questions for you, you will have questions for us so as partners, we must always touch base to make sure that we are achieving what was agreed upon and so that you know where your marketing project stands.



This is where TSQUARED CONSULTING either hands over the reins to you, or we establish maintenance work on a contract basis.


Pretty straightforward. The key takeaway point is that there will be no surprises or omissions. I will deliver what was outlined in the proposal and ensure that you have the tools to take over. Schedule your consultation with TSQUARED CONSULTING today to get your marketing project going!


All Career Consulting Services start with a complimentary and confidential 30-minute consultation done via phone or Skype, which you can schedule through our online scheduling tool. We will use this time to learn more about you – a snapshot of your professional experience, what you’re doing currently, why you’re looking to make a change, as well as your goals, challenges, targeted industries, and much more.


After your consultation, we will send you a PayPal invoice for payment. The project starts once payment is made. 


Schedule your free consultation with TSQUARED CONSULTING today to get started!



TSQUARED CONSULTING tries our best to follow the timing provided below but our ultimate goal is to deliver a quality product that serves your needs.

  • Resume Design: 5-7 business days

  • Cover & Follow-up Letters: 2-5 business days

  • Professional Bios: 5-7 business days

  • LinkedIn Profile Design: 10 business days

  • Online Portfolio/Website Creation: 10-20  business days



Three rounds of revisions are included for your each document noted above. There is flexibility as long the project scope doesn't change after the documents are written. TSQUARED CONSULTING’S goal is to deliver a document that you’re fully confident presenting to the world, and that you feel markets your value effectively. We are always willing to make changes to ensure that outcome.


While revisions may be minor, please allow up to 48 hours for us to complete them and return your updated document(s). We recommend that you provide feedback within 48 hours of initial receipt of the finalized document for quickest response time.


TSQUARED CONSULTING encourages former clients to come back with revisions, updates, or changes as their career progresses, whether it’s creating a new version of a cover letter, or updating a new position on the resume. For those we consider very minor tweaks, there will not always be a charge, while for those requiring a little extra work, our hourly consulting rate of $30/hr.



TSQUARED CONSULTING typically responds to inquiries, questions, and feedback very quickly. Please allow 24 hours for us to reply to your emails, and 48 hours to phone calls. Email is the best mode of communication if you want a timely response.



Because there are multiple variables involved in the success of the job search process, TSQUARED CONSULTING cannot offer a one-size-fits-all guarantee based on numbers or timelines. However, we do guarantee that if you are unsatisfied with your final product, we will continue to work with you to find a solution and get it to a place that you are happy with. We encourage you to provide your feedback and fully take advantage of the revision process.


Additionally, if you feel that you aren’t receiving an appropriate level of response to your resume after working together, come back to TSQUARED CONSULTING within 3 months and we will reevaluate the document to see if there is anything we can tweak for better results.


Click here to review our MARKETING CONSULTING process and here to review our CAREER CONSULTING services. 

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